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SiqesNet is a wholly owned subsidiary of SHASS INFORMATION AND QUALITY ENGINEERING SERVICES (SIQES) Pvt. Ltd. with their corporate office based out of Guwahati, India. We are a Class B ISP license holder and IP1 registered at DoT. The Complete Network is on End to End fiber with MEN Core Backhaul thus providing dual redundancy to our PODs and Joint Closures.

Infrastructure Advantage

  • SiqesNet owns and operates intra-city fibre network of over >150 KMs, connecting over 4,500 on-net or near-net buildings in Guwahati.
  • SiqesNet operates through IT’s premium Bandwidth providers Aircel and Vodafone international Gateways in Mumbai and Chennai.
  • SiqesNet operates its large service offerings under the Internet Service Provider (ISP) category “B” license.
  • SiqesNet network connects its customers on a Metro Ethernet Network architecture with over 30 POP’s / Joint Closures.
  • SiqesNet Core Transport, Aggregation and Access network architecture is built using multiple technologies viz. Metro Ethernet- FE, GE & 10GE and FTTH, MPLS & Wireless.
  • SiqesNet bring advantage as an aggregator of multiple upstream networks with international capacities from multiple global carriers and on redundant undersea cable systems.
  • SiqesNet operates data centre services with state of art Data Centre in Guwahati.

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SiqesNet is engaged in building the next generation wireless & FTTH (fiber-to-the-home) broadband services for home and enterprise customers in Assam.